Customer Loyalty & Engagement Consulting

At Vivid Engagement, we take you on the journey of creating the greatest personalised experiences for your customers. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ Customer Engagement services or strategies.

STAGE 1: IDEATE ’form an idea of; imagine or conceive.’

If you have the right strategy, customer engagement, retention and loyalty will follow much easier. We assist you in defining that strategy, using the elements below where required, to ensure your strategy aligns with your customers and organisation.

Engagement Strategy

Strategy Ideation, with a clear and realistic path forward


Qualitative and Quantitative to listen, and understand, your customers’ lifestyles, concerns and desires

Design Workshops

 Hands-On Customer Engagement Design with your wider team

Program Design

Designing Tailored Programs to meet your business goals and environment


Reviewing your infrastructure and capabilities to ensure you have the right technology

STAGE 2: CREATE ’bring (something) into existence.’

This encapsulates the implementation of that tailored engagement strategy to a living and breathing program. Bringing together all moving parts for flawless execution.

Partner Relationships

Identifying, securing and negotiating the right partners for your program

Insights and Analytics

(Business Decisioning) - Core insights into past and likely future behaviors

Loyalty Commerce

Financial modeling and accounting practices for your program.

Customer Journeys

Building your Engagement Playbook for all conceivable customer actions

RFP Management

Determining requirements, specifications and participants to find the right partner

STAGE 3: OPERATE ’to be in effect.’

Ongoing execution ensures that you have the right balance of resources in place to run the program in the short and long term.

Program Launch

Flawless execution of your market launch


Aligning your staff with new processes, procedures and technologies

Loyalty Operations

Aligning the elements of your program to ensure engagement continuity

STAGE 4: INNOVATE ’to introduce changes and new ideas.’

The market evolves. Consumers change. Products come and go. Your customer engagement program should reflect that understanding of the environment and adjust accordingly.

Program Reviews

Maintaining or adjusting focus using best practices

Emotional Connections

Building unique conversations that adapt to your changing customers


The wave is coming. If you think a blockchain loyalty program is the right play for your business, we can help

Engagement Products

We specialise in Captivating Your Customers. Our proven techniques, methodologies and bespoke Strategic Engagement Products are designed to cover all stages of your Loyalty Program’s lifecycle.

Loyalty Research

We provide you with the right balance of Qualitative and Quantitative Research, to give you the insights to make the right decisions when it comes to your Program Design and Engagement Strategy.

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