Loyalty Asia Report 2020

Asia's Most Complete Loyalty Insights Report for ASEAN

Indonesia | Malaysia | Philippines | Singapore | Thailand


The Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report provides Loyalty, CRM and Engagement Marketers, Partners and Brands the essential insights into the leading ASEAN markets to give you a competitive advantage for 2020 and beyond.

"Did you know that 73% of Loyalty Program Members stay loyal to a brand due to the rewards?"

Conducted across the 5 Leading ASEAN markets at various stages of their evolution, the Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report is the first and only consolidated research across these diverse Asian markets. The Report contains core insights into how the consumer thinks and feels about Loyalty and Engagement Programs Locally, Regionally and Globally. And most importantly, what makes them loyal (or not!)

"Did you know that 66% of Loyalty Program Members want personalised offers and rewards?"

The Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report contains over 80 pages of detailed data and insights into these core markets of Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore and Thailand, who are at differing stages of their loyalty evolution and maturity, with consumers equally as diverse.

We examine which programs that Loyalty Program Members use the most and why, across Retail, Airline, Hotel and Accommodation, and Financial Services across each of the markets, as well as the highest-rated programs in each market.

"Did you know that 54% of Loyalty Program Members are willing to share information with programs?"

The Loyalty Asia 2020 ASEAN Insights Report includes:

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  • Attitudes Towards Loyalty & Engagement Programs
  • Spending Habits
  • Why Consumers become Members, and why they don't
  • What Members like about Loyalty & Engagement Programs
  • Key Loyalty & Engagement Program Features
  • Rewards and Benefits 
  • Program Interaction
  • Program Improvement
  • Subscription Based Programs
  • The 'Best' Programs in each Market
  • Program Ratings for each Market, across Retail, Airline, Hotel & Accommodation, and Financial Services
  • Detailed Insights Summary
  • Total of 82 pages of in-depth reports

By making a difference to your Customers and Members today, you will be making a difference to your company tomorrow.

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