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Captivate Your Customers With Customised Strategy, Engagement and Loyalty Marketing Programs

You Spend A Lot Of Money Trying To Find New Customers.

It's Our Job To Make Sure They Keep Coming Back.


Inspiring customer Loyalty and building lasting relationships, at Vivid Engagement, we specialise in delivering Customer Engagement and Loyalty Marketing Solutions.

We strive to bring valuable connections to the most important people in the world:
You. Your customers. And your team. 

Vivid Engagement specialises in cutting-edge Customer Engagement and Loyalty practices to deliver compelling experiences for your customers.

Our unique approach combining creative and data-driven methods is designed to develop a two-way relationship with customers to inspire engagement and a deeper bond that drives profitability.

We Believe That Every Customer Can Have Their Own Unique Journey and Relationship With Your Brand.

It Is Our Goal To Make That Happen.

Hands-on Experience In All Corners Of The World

Paul Malcolm, the founder behind Vivid has provided Customer Engagement, Technology, and Loyalty Consulting Services to some fantastic businesses, from well-known corporate brands to exciting new startups. Using cutting edge customer journey strategies to get you the edge you need, we’re ready to partner with you.

What We Do For Your Brand

At Vivid Engagement, we help you create the most exceptional personalised experiences for your customers. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches, and we deliver a customised Engagement and Loyalty marketing program designed exclusively for your brand.

Our Customer Engagement & Loyalty Consulting Services

Captivate Your Customers With A Customised Journey

We meet you where you are currently at with your Loyalty Program and Customer Engagement process by offering four core service areas. Through a full suite of tools and creative insights, we design a Loyalty and Engagement program perfect for your brand, whether you are just growing a loyal customer base or need to re-engage and improve your current relationships. 

Engagement & Loyalty Marketing Experts



’to form an idea of; imagine or conceive’

  • Engagement Strategy
  • Program Design
  • Technology Infrastructure
Engagement & Loyalty Marketing Experts hong kong



'to bring something into existence’

  • Partner Relationships
  • Insights & Analytics
  • Customer Journeys
Engagement & Loyalty Marketing Experts asia



’to be in effect’

  • Program Launch
  • Staff Training
  • Loyalty Management Operations
Engagement & Loyalty Marketing Experts singapore



’to introduce changes and new ideas’

  • Program Reviews
  • Emotional Connections
  • Blockchain Technologies

About Vivid Engagement

At Vivid Engagement, we provide Customer Engagement and Loyalty Consulting Services. Our proven and unique techniques and methodologies are designed to cover all stages of your loyalty program’s lifecycle - from inception through to execution and ongoing management.

We assist you every step of the way with your Customer Journey goals and Customer Retention Strategies. 

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Captivate Your Customers Before Your Competitor Does.
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