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At Vivid Engagement, we provide the richest information in the region when it comes to Loyalty Programs, Customer Engagement, and Customer Retention. With a focus on the largest region on our planet, we provide you with customer and market insights, loyalty trends, and the best technology options. As well as what’s really behind all of those buzzwords.

We keep a keen eye on other markets around the world, so you don’t have to, we bring you the latest and greatest on Loyalty and Engagement and how it applies in the local markets.

This ensures that you can meet the needs of your diverse and dynamic consumer base: the right insights, the right tools, the right strategy.

So, take a look around. It’s time to connect with your customers.

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Cross Border Loyalty Programs

Cross Border Loyalty Programs

Mobile Loyalty Strategy

Why You Need A Mobile Loyalty Strategy In Asia

Personalisation Personalization

Using Personalisation To Increase Engagement

Loyalty Finance

Loyalty Finance

Loyalty Technology

How To Find The Best Loyalty Technology For Your Program

Loyalty Rewards and Benefits

Loyalty Rewards and Benefits. What your members want.

Emotional Loyalty

Emotional Loyalty. Love Is All You Need.

FlyerBonus Review

Bangkok Airways FlyerBonus Review

What does Loyalty really mean?

What does Loyalty really mean?

Customer Journey and Loyalty Marketing

The Loyalty and Customer Journey Hierarchy of Needs

Loyalty program idea

You’ve got a great Loyalty Program idea. Now what?

Gamification in loyalty

The Simple Genius of Gamification

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