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A Good Idea Is Just That. Until It Is Validated. 

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Many programs underperform as they create a program that they think their customers want, without really asking them.

Vivid Engagement can provide you with the right balance of Qualitative and Quantitative Research to give you the insights to make the right decisions when it comes to your program design and engagement strategy.

Having these core insights will give your program the best chance to reach success faster, while providing your customers with what they actually want, rather than what you think they want.

Using our proven loyalty research services and methodologies combined with our Loyalty and Engagement focus, your program is off to the right start from Day 1.

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QUALITATIVE: Targeted Focus Groups

Our Qualitative Research provides the opportunity to find out first hand the underlying motivations, options and trends in Loyalty, giving you deeper insights into what your audience really wants.

Performed in a closed group session with multiple smaller groups, Qualitative Loyalty Research can give you thorough answers on areas such as Loyalty Program Concepts, Structures, Rewards, and Programmatic Engagement Techniques.

Your Qualitative Research will provide a distinct narrative, to guide you through your relationship with your member and customer base.

QUANTITATIVE: A Quantifiable Wider Audience

Our Quantitative Research provides Loyalty and Engagement focused Statistical Research from a diverse sample of respondents that would fall into your broader target market.

The research itself is conducted via 1-1 Questions and Answers, delivered via a combination of Online Surveys or Polls, Telephone Interviews, or Face to Face Interviews.

The Statistical Outputs provides you with a thorough response to your proposed direction, including deeper and conclusive insights into the expectations of your member and customer base.

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Engagement Products

We specialise in Captivating Your Customers. Our proven techniques, methodologies and bespoke Strategic Engagement Products are designed to cover all stages of your Loyalty Program’s lifecycle.

Strategic Services

We take you on the journey of creating the greatest personalised experiences for your customers. There are no ‘one-size-fits-all’ Customer Engagement services or strategies.

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