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At Vivid Engagement, we've been inspiring customer loyalty globally, for over 25 years for big brands.


Passionate about loyalty & digital transformation for big brands

Vivid is the culmination of over 25 years of data-driven marketing and advertising experience, with 15+ years of focus on customer engagement and loyalty.

Our CEO Paul Malcolm, spent many years working across Australia, Asia, Europe, and The Americas, designing and implementing large enterprise and small startup customer engagement and loyalty programs.

As a result, Vivid was created to provide the loyalty consulting and strategic leadership that big brands and businesses needed. Now, based out of Brisbane, Australia, Vivid is armed to bring all that knowledge to you to drive customer engagement like never before.

We provide the expertise and knowledge necessary to evaluate your current loyalty or customer ecosystem and infrastructure to then partner you with the best strategy, loyalty technology best practices for your success.

We Provide the Best Customer Engagement and Loyalty strategies, Programs, and Execution for your Brand.

With this in mind, our expertise and best-in-class strategies ensure that you have the right program structure, the right engagement strategy, the right commercials, and of course, the right technology, backing your customer loyalty initiatives throughout the world.


Global Clients. Big Ideas.


Paul Malcolm, CEO & Founder

Paul Malcolm is a leading international customer engagement and loyalty consultant with over 25 years of experience. 

He creates a distinct vision and best of breed programs, combining loyalty mechanics and engagement techniques, with continually evolving technology, to deliver solutions best suited for your brand.

Paul has launched and run loyalty businesses in Australia, Asia, Europe, Africa, The Americas and managed numerous programs - from winning clients, designing programs and providing engagement strategy, and managing functional delivery teams across multiple continents, providing leadership and direction across every step of the journey.

He is passionate about Loyalty and successful programs while keeping abreast of the latest trends and technologies in the niche but dynamic space.

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